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Liberty, Kansas City, Missouri. The farm. Withers Road. Grandfather's farmhouse, barns. Great-great grandfather's farmhouse. Burning down the horse barn. The tobacco barn tower. Shirley, Tex, Junior, and Zettie Mae. 3,000 books. Mowgli of the forest. Ford tractor. The Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery. The Bhodisattva Kuan-Yin. The Seventh Seal. Yellow Corvair convertible.  Yale. New Haven. Edge of the ghetto. History of Art. Timothy Leary, Ramakrishna, Zen. Humphrey Evans. Study with Standish Lawder. Living the life of Jude the Obscure. Italian New Haven. Glue-sniffing New Haven. Portapack video. 16mm film. Bolex cameras. Arriflex cameras. Nagra tape recorders. Moviolas.  Chemical Wedding. Ulrica Fulani. East Haven by the Sound.

New York Life
Furnished room on MacDougal. Apprenticed to Bill Claiborne. Apprenticed to D.A. Pennebaker. Humphrey M. Evans III and Ciao Ciao World War: Conceptual Balinese rock and roll. The Leatherman's Handbook. Riding between the cars. Railroad flats, tub in kitchen. Teaching at City College. Broken telephones. Broken glass. Fanboy for Patti Smith, Lou Reed, David Bowie. The CP-16 movie camera. Steenbeck flatbeds. Movies with Meredith Monk. Teaching at New York Institute for Technology. Flamenco dance. Flamenco guitar. Bard summer art camp. Study with Peter Hutton, Adolfas Mekas, Robert Kelly, Tom McDonough. Teaching at Brooklyn College, Hunter College, Fordham University. Director The New York Expo of Short Film and Video. Digital video. Dual careers. Tango.


Kansas City - Chicago - New York - West Village - Upper 2nd Avenue - Upper West Side - South Bronx - Boston - San Francisco - Paris - Provence - Los Angeles - Hudson Valley - Barcelona - Sevilla - Buenos Aires - Staten Island - Dusseldorf - Stockholm - Florence - Amsterdam - Queens - Madrid - Cordoba - Granada


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