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Selected FilmVideos
Talking with you (Take 1)  with Maura and Fortune
2008, 7 min.

A reading. Is this about you or the readers?

Undertow with Monty Cantsin (Istvan Kantor)       
1992, 30 min.             

Based on an original script by Robert Withers, Undertow follows the adventures of the Underman as he makes his way though a graffiti-marked urban maze. With Quentin Crisp and Monty Montalalou. Music by Joseph Jarman and Basilio Georges.

Oberhausen International Film Festival, 1993
Houston International Film Festival, 1993

Turtle Dreams  by Robert Withers and Meredith Monk  
1987, 10 min.

An original film composed of scenes projected live during Meredith Monk's Specimen Days: a civil war opera; for fifteen performers. 1981, The Public Theater, New York.

Awarded, Sinking Creek Film Celebration, 1992      
First Prize Experimental, Big Muddy Film Festival, 1988


Meredith Monk's 16 Millimeter Earrings

1979, 28 min.

A re-creation for film of Meredith Monk's solo dance/theater work incorporating film and original music, voice, guitar, and tapes. Originally performed in 1966, Judson Memorial Church, New York.

Festival International du Jeune Cinema, France, 1980
Dance on Camera Festival, 1979



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